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3 Piece Embroidered Semi Formal Suit

3 Piece Embroidered Semi Formal Suit

PKR 13,990PKR 18,990
3 Piece Embroidered Semi Formal Suit

3 Piece Embroidered Semi Formal Suit

PKR 14,490PKR 22,490


Create your unique style story with Zeen's unstitched collection!

Welcome to the world of unparalleled elegance and timeless style with Zeen's unstitched suits. Our unstitched collection is a canvas waiting for your personal touch, allowing you to create a bespoke masterpiece that resonates with your style.

We take pride in delivering the best fabrics that meet the highest standards of quality. Zeen's unstitched fabrics are a testament to our commitment to providing you with the finest materials. Our diverse range ensures that you can curate the perfect ensemble for any occasion, whether it's a casual day out or a grand celebration.

At Zeen, we understand the allure of self-expression for the fashion-forward woman. Our unstitched dress collection allows you to be the designer of your attire. Mix and match fabrics, experiment with patterns, and create a look that is uniquely yours.

Why wait to dive into the artistry of crafting your own style story? Express yourself through your attire and create outfits that mirror your personality with unstitched clothes. Explore Zeen's unstitched collection now and create your unique look on your terms.

Shop Unstitched Suits for Women Online in Pakistan

Imagine entering a world of fashion where each thread symbolizes creativity embedded in premium unstitched fabric. Zeen offers the latest in women's fashion, where every bit of style comes with grace. Yes, Zeen is the place that provides the best unstitched fabric online in Pakistan.

At Zeen, we believe that every woman has the right to look elegant. Zeen unstitched suits offer a way to create your style without worrying about the fitting. You can get your unstitched dress ready according to size for a comfortable fit.

Zeen unstitched fabric comes in a wide range of colors, prints, and embroidery. Now it's up to you to choose the trendiest fashion. The colors available for unstitched fabric are unique and eye-catching. Opt for dark and dusky colors to embrace the perfect winter feel or go for light and breezy colors as per your preference.

Once you've decided on the color, scroll through all the unstitched designs. These designs come in various prints and embroidery. Prints on Zeen unstitched lawn suits are highly popular among women. These printed ladies' unstitched lawn suits are perfect for all seasons.

Discover the Latest Unstitched Collections 2024 - Unlock Your Creativity with Zeen

Now that you're here to explore Zeen's unstitched collection, make sure to take advantage of all the best creative pieces. Zeen offers an unstitched collection in 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece suits. Choose the collection that suits your preferences.

1 Piece Collection 

If you're a working woman, a university student, or just someone who loves trendy fashion, then the one-piece unstitched shirts collection is perfect for you. Zeen offers trendy 1-piece lawn shirts in beautiful prints. Pair a solid-color shirt with formal bottoms or jeans. Unstitched shirt pieces are affordable and great for a daily casual look.

2 Piece Suits Collection 

Zeen provides more great options for a casual look with the 2-piece suit collection. It features amazing two-piece lawn suits, including a shirt and bottom with intricate embroidery and vibrant prints. Once you've found your perfect selection, add them to your cart, and your order will be placed with just a click. You can get your 2-piece lawn suit online from Zeen without any hassle.

3 Piece Suits Collection 

One of the most popular ethnic wear choices for women is a 3-piece suit. Unstitched three-piece full suits are mostly preferred by Eastern women who love to go traditional with their outfits. The 3-piece lawn suit will elevate your entire look, especially when paired with traditional jhumka or elegant hoops. Check out some beautiful accessories from the Zeen jewelry collection. All your favorite unstitched 3-piece designs can be purchased online from our website.

Unstitched Lawn Collection - Discover Vibrant Lawn Suits and Fabrics 

Once you've chosen what suits you best, you're ready to explore the unstitched fabric you desire. Printed Lawn is one of the most popular fabrics in Pakistan. Let's delve into what Zeen offers in lawn prints.

Printed Lawn 

Printed Lawn suits are the most loved category at Zeen, where you can find breathable, soft, and premium lawn printed shirt designs. These lawn prints come in various colors and patterns. Choose trendy style inspirations from Zeen's latest fashion blogs.

Luxury Lawn 

While printed lawn suits are best for a daily look due to their comfort and simplicity, you now have the chance to enjoy the same comfort with a touch of luxury for your formal events and gatherings. Luxury Lawn is the fabric you can use to create a fancy dress for your next event. Unstitched luxury ladies' suits are perfect for the weather in Pakistan, allowing you to create an absolutely gorgeous look with Luxury lawn.

Summer Lawn 

When we talk about lawns, we mean summer clothes. Lawn, as a fabric, complements the essence of the summer season. The lightweight, breathable, soft, and breezy lawn fabric is the key to enjoying summer while staying up-to-date with fashion trends. Zeen offers a wide range of summer lawn collections, providing vast options for unstitched lawn suits with exclusive Zeen prints and embroidery.

Women's Unstitched Clothes Shopping – Create Your Signature Style with Zeen's Latest Collections 

Let's dive into the world of Zeen's latest clothing fashion and customize your outfits with stylish, unstitched clothes that blend comfort and style seamlessly. Explore our different unstitched collections and express your individuality through trendy fashion clothes. Our new unstitched collections offer a canvas for you to play with patterns, colors, and designs. Enhance the joy of shopping for unstitched clothes online at Zeen, where you can buy your outfits according to your taste.

Winter Collection 

While the summer season lawn is popular in all brands, Zeen also caters to the demand of the winter season with a beautiful winter collection of unstitched clothing. Khaddar, Mysuri, Jacquard, Cambric, and organza are the most-picked fabrics in the women's unstitched winter collection.

Zeen frequently upgrades the collection with new designs and unique styles. Explore your favorite seasonal collections and ensure that you get all the best-selling winter suits in your sight.

Chikankari Collection 

In addition to seasonal collections, Zeen also offers unique fabrics and designs, such as Chikankari unstitched suits in Pakistan. This Chikankari collection is a blend of contemporary and traditional fashion elements. Explore a range of Chikankari suits and lawn ensembles, each carefully hand-embroidered. These unstitched pieces offer a fusion of timeless elegance and modern flair, allowing you to elevate your fashion with Zeen's fancy Chikankari suits.

Embroidered Collection 

If you love to wear Chikankari and fancy embroidered suits, then you've got to check out Zeen's Embroidered Collection – it's amazing! Zeen has beautifully crafted embroidered lawn suits and embroidered lawn shirts that are perfect for your unique style. Plus, Zeen offers embroidered lawn unstitched suits so you can customize your look.

Printed Collection 

If you're not a fan of embroidered dresses, there's no need to worry! Zeen offers an impressive variety of printed suit designs. Choose from a wide selection, including Floral, Stripes, Polka Dots, Abstract Geometric, Animal Print, Tie-Dye, Houndstooth, Chevron, Paisley, and more. With so many options, your desire to own a Zeen printed dress is sure to be satisfied.

Women's Unstitched Fabric - Find the Perfect Fabric for Your Desired Look 

These two main categories, printed and embroidered, are designed on different fabrics according to your preferences. Following are all the fabric options that you can choose from.

Jacquard Collection

When searching for unstitched fabric for special events, jacquard clothing is best suited for this purpose. Zeen's latest Jacquard Collection is a display of intricate elegance. Jacquard fabric is known for its exquisite patterns and luxurious feel, featured in jacquard suits.

Explore various options for jacquard lawn shirts; additionally, Zeen offers a jacquard dupatta range to pair with your favorite fancy dress to add a royal touch.

Cambric Collection

Discover the perfect fabric that can keep you comfortable all year round with Zeen's Cambric suits. Whether it's summer or winter, the Zeen cambric collection offers a versatile range of cambric clothes that will keep you stylish and cozy throughout the seasons.

Khaddar Collection 

Winter in Pakistan may pass quickly, but to combat the chill, one must look for fabrics that not only keep one warm and cozy but also follow fashion trends. Khaddar is the top fabric option; browse through Zeen's selection of the most stylish Khaddar suits combined with your preferred design elements. You can get both printed and embroidered designs in unstitched khaddar fabric.

Silk Collection

Zeen's collection offers more than just khaddar, there's a selection of luxurious silk fabric that brings a touch of refinement to every outfit. Silk clothing is perfect for winter and formal occasions. These silk suits exude charm and grace in every stitch and weave. Explore more about the silk collection here.

Organza Collection 

Silk isn't the only fabric suitable for formal events, organza fabric is perfect, too! Whether it's an organza suit, organza dupatta, or organza shirt design, Zeen will ensure you make a stylish impact in every outfit.

Masoori Collection

Masoori fabric is beloved for its delicate texture and timeless elegance. Zeen offers an extensive range of masoori suits, perfect for parties, with intricate embroidery and embellishments. Whether you prefer minimalist designs or intricate embroidery, Zeen has diverse unstitched masoori dresses in every style.

Masoori Lawn is comfortable and stylish, too. It's best for formal gatherings and day events where you want to feel comfortable and opt for a sophisticated style.

Unstitched Clothes Sale Online 

Fashion Your Way with Incredible Sales on Unstitched Fabric! 

As you have explored this wide range of unstitched fabric, you must have chosen the right fit for yourself. Now comes the best part: Zeen has curated the most trending pieces in the winter unstitched sale. Where you can get most of your favorite outfits at an amazing discounted price, and remember to check out the lawn unstitched sale. These sales are frequently updated with the latest designs so that you can stay up to date on fashion trends!