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Terms & Conditions

Kindly read the herein mentioned conditions and terms as the service usage is subjected to the compliance and acceptance of yours.

With the subscription of or with usage of any of our services you have agreed it is read and understood by you and hereby you are bound with the Terms irrespective of the subscription method or the usage of services. If it is wanted by you not to bind, you must unsubscribe or discontinue the usage of our services.

In the Terms, the meaning of the “User”, references to “you” shall be the end user who access the website, contents in it and uses the offered services of our website. 


ZEEN, a company which is incorporated under Pakistan’ Laws and the website is an online store being operated by Cambridge. The using facility of website is given to you on the condition of acceptance without the modifications of any conditions, terms and notices which are contained in these Terms, and as posted from time to time on the Website. at the discretion of itself solely reserves the right of non acceptance of a User from registration on Website without any reason to be mentioned thereof.

User Account, Password, and Security

Upon the completion of registration process on our Website, you will be assigned an account designation and a password. The responsibility of maintaining the account confidentiality and password is yours, and in this regard you are responsible for all the activities being done under your account and password. You agree to (a) notify on an immediate basis regarding any use which is unauthorized of your account and password or for any security breach, and (b) assure that you have exit the account by all means at the end of every session of usage. will not and cannot be liable for any damage or loss which is made due to the non compliance of any of the above mentioned points herein.

Services Offered

Through the website a number of internet based services are provided (all these services are collectively known as the “Service”). One of the services enables the user to purchase of clothing from ZEEN. Upon the placement of an order on the product shall be shipped to you and ZEEN will be entitled for the payment of services.

Limited User

With usage of our website, the user must undertake not to copy, reverse engineer, modify, distribute, display, transmit, reproduce, perform, license, publish, create derivative works from, sell or transfer software or any information from Website. Only that content of the website is permitted for reproduction which is limited with the name of brand and is clearly mentioned in the reproduction, and a written permission should be sought from This should be clear to avoid ambiguity that wholesale or unlimited reproduction, copying content for non-commercial and commercial purpose and the modification of information and data which is unwarranted and is within the content of the website is not permitted.

User Conduct and Rules

It is agreed by you to use the service and the website only to post messages and upload material that is appropriate. With the example and not exclusive, it is agreed and undertaken by you that during usage the service, you will not:

1.Violate the rights of others either abuse, threaten, stalk, harass, defame or otherwise.
2. Distribute, upload, post, publish or disseminate any profane, defamatory, inappropriate, obscene, infringing, indecent, or unlawful and unethical name, topic, information or material.
3.Upload files that are comprised of software or other material that are protected by the intellectual property law, unless it is owned or controlled by the rights to that, or all necessary consents are received.
4.Distribute or upload files which are virus affected corrupted or any similar software or program that has the tendency to damage the operation of another’s computer or the Website.
5.Forward or conduct contests, surveys, pyramid schemes or chain letters.
6.Download any file which is posted by a user of service known by you, or reasonably should know cannot be distributed legally in such manner.
7.Delete or Falsify legal or proper notices, or any author attributions or proprietary designations or the origin related labels or source of software or other material which is contained in the uploaded file.
8.Violate any regulations or laws which are applicable outside or in Pakistan.
9.Violate guidelines or any code of conduct, which can be applied to or any service particularly.
10.Violate any of the conditions and terms of this Agreement or any other terms and conditions for the usage of Website elsewhere mentioned herein.
 11.Be allowed to exploit any service.  On Cash on Delivery, we reserve the right to deprive customer from this option. Furthermore, if it is believed by us that conduct of the customer is harmful to our interests or violates the law we may refuse to pay our services.
 12.Make any statement or comment about or its associates or partners or property of which is defamatory, derogatory, abusive, profane, inappropriate or indecent

 User Warranty and Representation

It is guaranteed, warranted and certified by the user that he is the owner of all the content which is submitted or is authorized for the use of content and that the content is free from the infringement of any kind of intellectual property rights, others’ rights and property rights. It is further warranted by you that to the extent of your knowledge and belief no suit, action, investigation, proceeding has been threatened or instituted relating to any content inclusive of trade name service mark, copyright, trademark and copyright currently or formerly used by you in relevance with the services delivered by

Exactness Not Guaranteed

Any guarantees of exactness related to the appearance and finishing of the final product ordered by the user is hereby disclaimed by There might be some things which do not meet your expectations for the products that are purchased or obtained through website like the quality of any services, information, products or materials. Certain aspects of your order like colour, size etc. might be altered due to the availability of products and the difference in size chart. In this regard the representative of will contact you for the approval on the contact number or email which you mentioned while order was being placed. Within 10 days of product delivery you reserve the right to reject the requested production change, if you do not agree with change. might re request for the acceptance of product alteration one additional time if an alternative is available to send your merchandise.

Intellectual Property Rights has all the rights i.e. Intellectual Property Rights into the website as well as with no limitations. These include all the rights, title and interest in and to copyright, licence, trade names, trademarks, designs, utility models, service marks, know-how, source code, meta tags, databases, text, icons, graphics, goodwill, hyperlinks, trade secrets, content, inventions (either proprietary or not) and related rights. Otherwise, indicated or anything limited to the opposite or third party possessing any patentable material hence clearly stated. Without being empowered or permitted by, you must be agreed that you will not employ, distribute or reproduce any content from the website which is particularly related to

2. In spite of previously mentioned terms that you will be wholly responsible for any content that you give or upload at the time of using the service as well as it is clear that you will keep ownership. Services like any text, information, data, music, images, video, sound, photographs, or any other things that you upload, store and transmit while using the services. On the other hand, if consider the product customization service which is against the other services like forums and blogs, you certainly acknowledge that you accept the User by which you give an unlimited licence for using the same if you upload or post a content on to the website for public viewing as well as use your content by third party users.

Links to Third Party Sites

There may be some links to other websites which is indicated as “linked sites” present in website. is not accountable for the content of any of the Linked Site because the Linked Sites are not controlled by As well as ZEEN is not responsible for any link present in a Linked Site or any updates or changes made to a Linked Site. For any kind or form of transmission or whatever you receive from any Linked Site, is not accountable for that. The incorporation of any link does not indicate approval that is made by or the website pertaining to the Linked Site or any relation with its owners or operators who can be the legal successor or their assigns. is offering these links to you just for your ease. The users should verify the correctness of all the information by themselves before agreement of dependence on these information.

Disclaimer of Warranties/Limitation of Liability does not declare any authorization as well as does not represent the accuracy, quality or finalize any data, product, information or service. On the other hand, has tried to make surety regarding the correctness of all the information on the Website. shall not be responsible any time for any damages that could be direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or any damage which can be resulted from the following:

a)     Inability for using the services
b)    Alteration of any data or transmissions made by the users.
c)     Other cases that is associated with the services like damages that lost the data, use of profits which is related in any way or resulting from the performance of the website.

Moreover, shall not be accountable regarding with the delay or the provision or failure to provide the services or inability to use the Website or associated services, as well as provision of any information, services, software, or products. For the graphics which are related to the services and attained through the Website or emerged by using the website either on the contract bases, negligence, strict liability or the others, shall not be responsible. In addition, for the non-accessibility of the Website during the maintenance works, as well as for any unplanned delay of website availability that can take place because of the technical issues or any cause which is out of the control of, Zeen shall never be responsible. The users must be acknowledged that they are wholly responsible for any of the damage to their computer systems as well as for any data loss leading from the download of material or data. The users agree and perceive that any data or material which is downloaded from the website, the responsibility is wholly possessed by the users and they do at their own risk and choice.  


From all claims, losses, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses (with legal fee as well as payments and interest chargeable) declared against, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold protected. These claims, losses, damages or liabilities results from any non-functionality of any agreement made, warranty, representation, covenant or obligation that is to be performed by you in accordance with these Terms.


Prices for the products are included into these Terms as well as mentioned on our Website through reference. The prices are mentioned in Pakistani Rupees. At the discretion of, the prices, products and Services can be changed.


All the products that are ordered by you, the title as well as risk of the loss shall be mentioned to you upon the shipping of your order placed at

 Post Delivery

Limitation on refund amount for courier charges

The customer is able to send us the shipment within 15 days himself/herself, if ever the customer wants to return because Zeen does not provide the reverse pickup facility of the products. The customer can also send us a scanned copy of the courier slip to our email address i.e. and Zeen will then refund the amount. Whichever is less, Zeen would refund the amount of the courier slip. Dear customers, kindly ensure that you do not turn up paying more than the returned products.


Maximum two attempts would be made by for delivering your order, if the customer does not accept the delivery of the products or if the customer is not able to contact then has the right to cancel the order or orders in these attempts at its judgment.

There is the Order Summary page on which an estimated delivery time is mentioned. You will receive an email after placing your order in which a summary of the order is present, as well as the estimated delivery time to your location is also mentioned in it.

Delivery may take longer time often due to the following reasons:

1)    Bad weather
2)    Delay of the flight
3)    Political disturbances
4)    Other unpredicted situations.

In these situations, we would serve to prepare reach out to you. You are requested to check emails as well as SMS on a regular basis for these updates.

For any of the mental suffering that is caused due to the delay in the delivery, we would not be able to settle up with. Customer has the right to cancel the order at any time even if the delivery time crosses the mentioned time of delivery. The customer would be refunded back in the account just after the order cancellation, if it is a prepaid order.

The person who makes purchases agrees at the time of placing the order as well as its dispatch confirmation; title to the goods is conveyed to the buyer, regardless the shipping of the goods and COD which are required to be done at the appropriate time as it is an individual chargeable services.


1)    If believes in its absolute judgement that you have broken any of the terms, so then it may terminate your use of the Website or any service.
2) can remove any content or other materials which are related to your use of the service if you or the Zeen terminates your use of the website or any of its service. As well as would have no responsibility to you or any third party for doing this.
3)    Till the time of termination by any party, you shall be responsible to pay for the service or the product that you have already ordered. Moreover, you shall be authorized to your royalty payments pertaining to the User Licence Agreement that is legally followed to you.

Governing Law

The formation of these terms shall be in line with the laws of Pakistan without directing towards the disagreement of the laws, principles and conflicts producing in relation to this matter.


For the ease and just for the identification, the headings and the subheadings in this document are mentioned. The headings are not for the purpose to interpret, describe limit or define the opportunity. Your right to use the website or the extent or intent of the terms included herein this document or any other pages or portions of the website or any linked sites in any way.

 Interpretation of Number and Genders

Both the singular and plural form of the specified terms shall be relevant for the terms in this matter. Any pronoun shall incorporate the associated masculine and feminine, whenever the conditions require it. The phrase “without limitation” shall be used after the words “include”, “includes” and “including” considerably. Moreover, the term “hereof”, “herein” , “hereunder” and the other words of similar meaning apply to the Terms in general except if the condition apart from that require.


If invalid or impossible to be enforced any of the provision of the Terms is found as an entire or partial than this type of invalidity shall fasten just to such provision or part of such provision of these Terms shall remain effective. Moreover, this invalidity or unenforceability shall also attach to just remaining part of such provision and all other provisions of these Terms shall persist to be in full force.

 Report Abuse

Only the users are responsible for every content or material that is uploaded on to the website in accordance with these Terms. Before the appearance of the contents on the website does not review the contents. For the contents of any user or any content normally uploaded on to the website, does not use to verify, endorse or else vouch. If the contents or materials of the users containing critical comments or material protected by trademark, copyright etc., users can be kept legally responsible for their contents. Kindly inform to, if you find by chance any abuse or the violation of these Terms.

 Unauthorized Charges on your card

If you never made an account or signed up but you find charges on your debit or credit card for purchases on then you may check with your business colleagues or family members who have official permission to make purchases in your support in order to analyze that whether they placed the order or not. Please inform about the unauthorized purchase within 60 days of the transaction if you are still unable to identify the charge, so that Zeen can be able to begin the investigation.

 Cancellation of Fraudulent/Loss to business Orders

We daily observe transactions for the fraudulent activity, in order to give a safe and secure shopping experience. Without any responsibility, possess the right to abandon all of the past, pending and future orders in the condition of observing any doubtful activity. In the situations like disturbance in the pricing of product on the website as well as stock accessibility, also possesses the right to reject or cancel the orders. Some additional information or verifications before order acceptance are also needed by us. If more information is needed in order to accept your order or if all or some portion of your order is going to be cancelled then we will contact you. The declared amount will be sent back to your Card Account, after your card has been charged and if your order is cancelled. There will be no refund related to any promotional voucher which is used for the cancelled order.

The customer may be considered as fraudulent in case of following scenarios

1)    If the customer does not reply to the mail verifying the payment sent by Zeen.
2)    During the payment details verification process, if the customer found to be unsuccessful in providing proper documents.
3)     If phone or email of another customer found to be misused.
4)    If irrelevant email and phone no. used by the customer.
5)    If the voucher code is found to be overused.
6)    Special voucher which is not attached to the used email ID if found to be used by the customer.
7)    If customer gives back the incorrect product.
8)    If the customer does not pay for an order.
9)    If the customer is found to be intricate in the snatch and run for any order.

           The customer may be considered as a loss for business in case of following mentioned scenarios:

1)    If any customer who made returns at high rate.
2)    A case in which address found to be incomplete or invalid.
3)    If customer request repeatedly regarding financial compensation for minor issues.

There may be blockage of an account of the customers if found to be in the category of fraudulent or loss to business.

 Cancellation of Bulk Orders

Under the specific principle as well as at any stage of the product delivery, reserves the right to cancel any order consider as “bulk order”. In case of following scenarios, the order can be considered as “bulk order” and any of the additional basis as declared by

1)    The ordered products are for the commercial resale and not for self use.
2)    Depending on the category of the product, numerous orders placed for the same product as well as at the same address.
3)    Same product ordered in a bulk quantity.
4)    If the address given in the order information is found to be invalid.
5)    In placing the order, any unprofessional behavior is used.

There may not any refunding if the promotional voucher is used for placing the bulk order.

 Process for Pilferage Claim

For the partial order or item, if a customer put up a complain through Customer care

1)    After 48 hours of the delivery the claim will not be entertained, so that a customer is needed to claim for the pilferage within 48 hours.

2)    For providing following information, an email will be sent:
    a)     A short description pertaining to the case or some questions will be asked in order to help us to understand the storyline.
    b)    If any snapshots of the packet or the other box (those sides which are damaged in accordance with the customer must be covered)
    c)     The prepaid orders refund will be done after 3 to 4 working days because of the investigation. The concerned departments will be included also in the investigation.

3)    If the customer found to be the same as the following outlines then the customer may not be liable for refund:
    a)     The customer is unable to give proper information regarding the case.
    b)    The customer is unable to provide the necessary snapshots of the box or packet
    c)     Pilferage claims should be made at the same day if the delivery is received in an open condition.
    d)    The customer must not throw away the packaging specifically for 3-4 days post delivery. For the investigation, we might require to get your packaging.

What we do about mispricing

Many items are mispriced in our catalogue, despite of our best attempts. To be a part of our dispatch processes, however we verify the prices. We charge the lower amount and send you the product, if the original price is lower than our stated price. But we cancel the order with informing you for that if the original price of the product is higher than our stated price.

Product Review Guidelines

1.Brisk and effective content: For the convenience of the future buyers, the desirable content of the review should be simple, helpful, straight forward, and as well as honest. It is required that the review is according to your experience regarding the choice of product, demographic contours and timing of the order. Your review must be incorporated with a clear and realistic view for the other future buyers in order to follow a legal action.
 2. Content of the review: Basically the review section is only containing the issues of the product like the quality, color, size, comfort level etc. It must be noted that there will be no publication of the reviews which is written with invalid content that is belong to another company or the product. In addition, there will be no publication of the reviews also which are having incomprehensible language, promotional campaigns, HTML content, defamatory or abusive language.
 3. Other reviews/queries: You can contact us via email at, if you want to give us comments on our services such as return, delivery, refund, discount coupons, promotional offers etc. You can also contact our customer care representatives who are available for you at 0124-6128000, for any query regarding the product color, size, availability etc.

 Terms for Promotions/Contests/Offers/Campaigns

General Terms for Offers and Promotions

1)    There will be the provision of the discount on the total product value with VAT and applicable taxes. Once all the promotional discounts have been applied, the total value of qualifying order will be having the redemption of a coupon or voucher.
2)    Unless if not stated, each order must have only one credit note/gift voucher/voucher.
3)    Discount vouchers- The account holders are having the discount vouchers from time to time ; but these vouchers is applicable in that condition if purchases made via that account to which these vouchers was given as well as registered. Refund will be made in the similar way as that of the original payment method i.e. onto a debit or credit card account, gift voucher, or by both of these, and in case of a bank transfer or Cash On Delivery.
4)    Promotional discount vouchers – From time to time, promotional discount vouchers are given by us that can be applicable in accordance with the particular purchases made through
5)    Different schemes, offers or contest will be proposed by at different times. There are certain terms and conditions regarding such schemes which are individually present on the Site.
6)    The rights to modify, change, add or delete any terms and conditions existing on various schemes which are gradually introducing in the market by It is the choice of that it can remove any particular scheme from the website or market.
7)    If you have any query or want to ask anything about the use of voucher and/or credit note or about any scheme, you can contact our customer care at or call @ 0124-6128000.
8)    While participating in any contest you hereby agree to release and hold (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, joint ventures, and employees) harmless from any claim or demand.
9)    Right for the cancellation of any order which is placed through promotional vouchers, is reserved by Zeen. Some of the situations in which there is a possibility of order cancellation are misuse of any promotional vouchers, without limitation, inaccuracies of voucher pricing and value thresholds or unofficial usage of the vouchers. In these cases, there will be no facility of refunding the amount of voucher.
10) The unofficial publication of the Zeen vouchers if found to exist on any website, than appropriate legal action would be taken against it. The vouchers will only be considered if these are issued or published by or by their partner websites.
11) For a maximum discount of Rs. 500, one can utilize the voucher only one single time having 10% off on a purchase which is above Rs. 999.
12) For a maximum discount of Rs. 1000, the voucher is to have 20% off on a purchase which is above Rs. 1999 but this also can be utilized only one time.
13) Except gold coins, precious jewellery, vests, trunks, briefs, and socks, the vouchers are valid or applicable over all the types of the goods.
14) For purchasing the products with paying the full price without discount, the voucher is applicable in that case.
15) Any other offer is not entertained to be merged together with the vouchers.
16) Only single voucher can be utilized for a single transaction.
17) After registration of the vouchers, these vouchers are effective for only 10 days.

Terms for End of Season Sale

Terms & Conditions for End of Season Sale (EOSS)

1) The End of Season Sale continues until the time when stock of the products remains. This is not the case that sale up to 60% off indicate that all of the products are on 60% discount but the SALE is just on 20,000 products or may be less than this number whenever the stock levels reduce. This End of Season Sale is in “Life Style and Fashion domain” as well as it is only for India.
2) Sign up vouchers are not applicable for the sale or discounted items. Registration voucher rules can give you more detail regarding this so you are asked to read those rules.
3) Only the selected items are applicable for the sales or the discounts. There can be some prohibition even there are so many products which are on SALE.
4) During the order process, there is a possibility of some variation in the prices of the products shown on the website because of technical problems, typographical errors or may be due to the information be given by our suppliers and the service providers. Please contact us within 24 hours after receiving the order if you find any error in the bill or price, so we can resolve that issue.
5) It is only under the judgment of that promotional offers and discounts have the possibility to be joined.
6) All the offers have no cash value as all are non-transferable.
7) Without more information at any point, has the authority for extending or terminating the offers or sale.
8) possesses the authority to add, remove, modify or alter any of the terms & conditions at any time may be wholly or partially, or replace the whole or partial, this promotion by another promotion, may be same as this promotion or different, or to reject it completely. Moreover, decisions of regarding to this shall be absolute as well as there will be no notification regarding this provided to any customer.
9) Refund of all types would be only through the vouchers.
10) You may email the customer care at or call at 0124-6128000 for any query regarding to the sales or the offers, usage of the vouchers or credit note.

Disclaimer sales are “first come, first served” so that customer has the responsibility to login earlier if they want to have better styles or products. There will be no restocking of the product if once the product is sold out. There will be no support of any information about the presence of any product in our stock. You will be informed by us only at the time when an item is sold out.
The site shall contain the terms and conditions for this type of contest separately. Such terms and conditions shall exist if there is any disagreement between these terms and conditions related to any scheme.

We have not any responsibility regarding any loss or the damage which is created directly or indirectly from the license decline regarding any transaction, because of the cardholder who has crossed the set limit by which we agreed through our bank.

Terms for ZEEN Rewards

1) Friends who are referred by the members and not registered with Zeen, they should be new to ZEEN in order to have referral points.
2) If the referred friend accepts the invitation email or clicks the personalized link of the member for placing an order from, then the members would be allowed to obtain referral points. The user will not be allowed for the points obtained against this order, if the order of the member is not successfully completed due to cancellation, non-payment, non-delivery or return.
3) The user will not be allowed for getting the referral points against the order, if order of a referred friend is not completed due to cancellation, non-payment, delivery or return.
4) The reward points relating to the amount would be at once reversed, if a member found to make a return request either for a part or whole of his or her order. If the return request of a member is rejected then the points will not be assigned back into his or her account.
5) The administrative or legal action by Cambridge Garment Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is restricted due to any fraud or abuse related to the program, including membership termination. A fraud may include the following:
    a)  If different phone numbers or Ids are being used by a member in order to refer himself or herself.
    b)  If large orders, earnings and compensating points are being placed by a member and then he or she make return request for a main part of the order.
    c)   If different successful referrals are being placed and then compensate the referral points by a member after which most of your referrals return the order.
    d)  Other ways of taking unfair advantage of the Reward Program.

6) For bulk orders, there will be no issuance of reward points.
7) There will not any exchange of the earned points for cash.
8) The rights for the termination of program at any time and modification or changing, extending or rejecting the program or the terms and conditions or replacement of any program with the other, without any notification, all of these rights are possessed by the Company. The members are bound to accept such changes for being the part of the ZEEN Rewards program.
9) Gifts that are received from the catalog of reward are non-exchangeable and non-returnable

Rewards catalog’s saved gifts are non-exchangeable and non-returnable.

10) You have to submit personal information regarding you as well as your friends like name and email address for participation in the Rewards program. With respect to the participation in the Rewards program the members must agree to get message updates from us as well as members agree to allow us for communicating with their referrals about their participation (such as acknowledging the friends of the members that an invitation was sent by him).


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